CIM Software

The cloud based CIM Suite (Configuration Information Management) allows you to deposit up to 2.500 article variants, including complex logics and article rules. It is possible to switch between your created articles within the CIM Suite.

Price calculation

Deposit your price matrix! The individual configuration values can be defined with surcharges (percentage or additive). Special and individual calculations are also feasible. Sales prices for the individual generated matrix variants can be assigned, optionally.

Configuration rule (Exclusions & conditions)

Set rules for product configuration! It sometimes happens that a particular item variant does not match a specific configuration value, this can be avoided by means of exclusions or conditions.


Each configurable option is displayed step by step and simple by the configurator.


The sequence of configuration steps and configuration values within a step can be changed in the X-CIM Backend.

Content management

Name your configuration steps and configuration values! As a feature, it is possible to place a continuous text or to insert an image file within a configuration step.

Input fields

Configuration values can be represented as follows: select box, image selection, check box and check box with picture.

Configuration summary

An overview of the previous configuration is displayed under the StepByStep configurator, using a visual checklist.

Price adjustment

Prices are calculated and displayed in realtime.

Language selection

You can choose between german or english language in the X-CIM Backend menu for the backend and StepByStep-Configurator.

Attributes for indivual article data

Add additional information to single item data as attributes. Stocks, storage locations and item numbers can be deposit in the article. These can then be displayed manually in the shop frontend.

Variant/Matrix configurator

High-performance configuration display in n-dimensions, explicit data per variant. Each X-Config CIM Software Edition has a specfic limit of representable article variants (more information in the following table). It doesn‘t matter how many products are configured in the frontend. Also the matrix can be generated easily. Based on the entered configuration rule, subsequent prices and matrices can be generated individually.

Product visualization

Product images can be displayed as static or as dynamic (starting with the Base Edition) product images beside the configurator. Configuration properties can also be visualized. Static or dynamic 3D objects can be linked with the configurator in accordance with specifications.

Activate / deactivate article variants

Activate or deactivate individual article variants from the backend.

Configuration to measure

Price calculation are possible in length and width (Starting with the Base edition). Starting with the Enterprise Edition you also get the possibility to integrate volumes.

Bulk prices

Larger order quantities with attractive discounts are in some cases the prerequisites of many sales pitches. Therefore you can set discounts on the article page for larger product quantities.

Import function of your article data

Starting with the Base Edition, it is also possible to automatically import the article data and variants via CSV files and to connect them with the X-Config CIM software.

Generate set articles

Bundle multiple items as a set with an individualized and customized pricing structure.

Base: Manual possibility of individual serial numbers per set-article.

Enterprise: Automated output of individual serial numbers per set-article.

Professional: + Exclude property values.

Predefined default configurations

​Frequently purchased items or popular configurations can be pre-configured in the store. These articles or configurations can also be displayed and promoted in your social media channels!

Extended exclusion configuration

The extended matrix function allows you to provide or exclude a particular product variant of a product with a different price.This also allows various article properties to be linked or separated.

Grouping of properties

If you want to change the value of an article variant, this value will also be applied to the entire article. For example, color variations or materials for the entire article may be altered.

Automatic serial numbers

Using composite article attributes, the software will create an individual serial number.

Save / load configured article

Your customers can save self-created and individual configurations via permanent link or in the customer account. Another person can also see what you configurated by sending the permanent link.

Bundle configuration

If several complementary articles have to be displayed as a bundle on an article page, it is possible to display all articles within the respective configurations on a product page, e.g. configured as an one-pager.

Extended configuration level

Further attachments and accessories can be displayed on an additional vertical level and can also be configurated in depth horizontally

Individual template design

A multi-layered representation of the configurations may require a complex template representation. This is very important especially for tricky B2B goods. We can do this job for you.

Individual formula calculation

Mathematical formulas require an individual price calculation. Articles which have to be calculated according to specific parameters can thus be presented to your customer without problems.

Individual development

Are you looking for more features? Feel free to contact us and realize your project at any time!