Produdct configuration

Make it simple with a CIM
(Configuration Information Management)

Configuration Management Suite Version 1.0

The CIM Software is provided as a cloud (SaaS) solution, fits perfectly to the online shop ecosystem and is scalable to your individual needs. The CIM Software (Configuration Information Management) sets new standards in data collaboration and is an essential need for complex products in e-commerce. Gain the best effort from our CPO  (Configure Price Order), CPQ  (Configure Price Quote) Software. 

Efficient Logic

The underlying unique X-LOGIC shows the most complicated product logics in a simple and clearly arranged way in online shop systems.

Relationships and dependencies, as well as parts lists and 3D representations can be mapped very easily and configurable.

CSV Import available

In the X-Config CIM Software, a so called Suite, you have the possibility to administrate and create all of your configurable products.

Starting with Base Edition the X-Config CIM Software also includes an easy to use CSV import    

Start today!

Easy scalable and leveraging product configuration. Available for the most common online shop systems, X-Config CIM Software is the far most easy handable configuration software for your projects. 

Unlimited shop articles to raise your KPI's!

The software comes in four Editions:


Up to 2.500 article variants
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Up to 10.000 article variants
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X-CONFIG CIM Enterprise Edition

Up to 50.000 article variants
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X-CONFIG CIM Professional Edition

More than 50.000 article variants

Available for your project!

Depending on which shop environment the functionality of X-Config CIM Software shall be deployed it is necessary to download a plugin (or extension). The plugin can be downloaded at marketplaces driven by external shop producers.

The X-Config CIM Software will be activated by the installation of a plugin within the customer’s online shop and through a given valid license code provided by XIONI after the purchase of the plugin manually through mail or automatic procedure.