CIM starter edition V1.0

More product variety for a better shopping experience

Complex product logics, easy to create

CIM Backend

You can deposit your configuration information in the X-CIM Backend. It is possible to define specific configurations rules, depending on which article logic is used. Within the X-CIM Backend you can switch between your configuration articles to modify them according to your wishes.

Attributes for individual article data

Assign article information (parts list, storage location, item numbers etc.) to deposit specific informations into the shop process.

Price calculation

Deposit your price matrix! The individual configuration values can be defined with an extra charge (percentage or additive). Sales prices for the generated matrix variants can also be assigned.

Exclusions and conditions

Set rules in product configuration! It sometimes happens that a particular item variant does not match a specific configuration value. This can be avoided by means of exclusions or conditions.

CIM Backend V1.0


The cloud based software ensures a high performance of your shop. Download the plugin in your respective shop system and install it in a few steps.


The product configurator is responsive and adapts to any mobile device. The StepByStep- Configurator is based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery UI. If visual changes are desired, they can be overwritten with a CSS file provided by us.

Language selection

You can choose between german or english language in the X-CIM Backend menu for the backend and StepByStep configurator.

The product configurator


Each configurability is displayed step by step and simple by the configurator.


The sequence of configuration steps and configuration values within a step can be changed in the X-CIM Backend.


Name your respective configuration steps and configuration values! As another feature, it is possible to place a continuous text or to insert an image file within a configuration step.

Input fields

Configuration values can be represented as follows: select box, image selection, check box and check box with picture.

Configuration summary

An overview of the previous configuration is displayed under the StepByStep configurator, using a visual checklist. All parties keep a clear overview at every moment! After completing the configuration, your customer receives all parameters, including the price and can place the order in the shopping cart. Once this is done, you and your customer will receive an order confirmation with all information within an e-mail.

Live price adjustment

Prices are calculated and displayed in realtime.